Ports associations to share professional designation training

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) and the International Association of Maritime Port Executives (IAMPE) have agreed to work together to provide educational and career development programming for port industry professionals.

Both organizations have existing professional development and training certification programs. Each provides port and marine transportation personnel with a professional credential documenting their successful completion.

“Separately, both AAPA’s and IAMPE’s training programs provide concise and cost-effective certified industry recognition for progressive professional development,” said Mary Beth Long, AAPA’s vice-president of marketing and professional/workforce development.

“By accepting credits earned in either association’s training programs, we believe the effect will be to greatly enhance the value of both AAPA’s and IAMPE’s professional development courses and expand opportunities for port and maritime professionals.”

Credits to either program

According to Long, the agreement will provide a pathway for members of either association, and those in the process of completing either professional development program, to have their credits count towards attainment of either association’s certification.

“This will enhance a participant’s formal education, strengthen his or her professional capabilities and increase their port and maritime industry management potential,” she said.

“This is a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts,” said AAPA president and CEO Christopher J. Connor.

“With this agreement, participants in either association’s professional development programs will benefit from the curriculum of the other, multiplying the integrity of the credential they earn, increasing their ability to compete for choice maritime industry jobs, and strengthening their entire organization’s ability to deal with today’s business challenges.”

Information about AAPA’s professional development programs, including its Port Professional Manager (PPM) certification and Industry Recognized Port Certificate (IRPC), is available here.

Information about IAMPE’s professional development courses of study, including its Maritime Port Management, Maritime Port Executive, Inland Port Manager/Executive, Accredited Marine Port Executive programs, is available here.