TGW builds logistics hub for coffee machine maker

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

WEGGIS, Switzerland  – A state-of-the-art logistics hub is being built in Weggis, canton of Lucerne, for Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Thermoplan. The new DC will be powered by an intralogistics system designed by Austrian supplier TGW.

The logistics centre is scheduled for completion by February 2020.

Founded in 1974, the Swiss company is now one of the world’s leaders in design and manufacturing of high-quality fully automatic machines for professional use. Thermoplan’s main customers are café chains, bakeries, fast food restaurants, and self-service businesses. Customers include industry giants such as Starbucks and Nespresso. Increasing demand has meant the company needs to improve processes at its manufacturing facility.

The 330 employees at the Weggis location work in four production buildings. At the centre of TGW’s solution is a four-aisle shuttle warehouse for 41,000 trays. Due to unique local soil conditions, the shuttle system will rest on 160 piles which will be driven deep into the ground for maximum stability.The building will be connected to the existing Plant no. 4 via a footbridge.

A total of 100 of the ultra-fast yet energy-efficient TGW Stingray shuttles will handle storage and retrieval. They will retrieve goods both for the assembly of components as well as for the assembly of coffee machines. Spare parts orders will also be processed here.

The orders are dispatched to TGW high-performance workstations, which can be adjusted in height to satisfy high ergonomic requirements.

The automation will allow Thermoplan to increase productivity and drastically speed up throughput times.

“We are pleased that we were able to convince Thermoplan of TGW’s solution,” emphasizes Beat Losenegger, managing director at TGW Switzerland.

“Thermoplan also relies on TGW’s expertise for software and control.”

For 50 years, TGW has been providing automated systems for international customers. As a systems integrator, TGW provides planning, production, and implementation of complex logistics centrews – from mechatronics to robotics and from control systems to software solutions.