Bastian opens AGV centre

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

GEORGETOWN, Kentucky – Bastian Solutions has completed construction on a new 40,000 square-foot facility to support AGV and advanced material handling technology development.

“The demand for autonomous vehicles is quickly growing. We are eager to meet these needs and exceed customer expectations by delivery high quality, innovative automation systems for today’s fast-paced production and distribution environments,” said Ron Daggett, vice-president of technology and R&D at Bastian Solutions.

Although grand opening plans were slated for spring 2020, the company will instead host a community event next spring instead.

Over the past two years, the company has hired numerous employees with plans for continued growth over the next several years.

To assist in hiring efforts, Bastian Solutions will be partnering with the local Georgetown vocational school (BCTC Advanced Manufacturing Center) to tap into the pool of students with an automation skillset.

Mike Romano, CEO of Bastian Solutions and Toyota Advanced Logistics, is excited to see the company working with the next generation. “By partnering with Bluegrass Community & Technical College, we hope to offer these students internship opportunities and then easily transition them into careers upon graduation,” he said.

“Ultimately, the students’ skillsets will help us stay on the cutting-edge of automation, while our goal is to support them post-graduation along with the local economy.”