ASCM names Award of Excellence winners

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by Emily Atkins

Keysight Technologies, Teva Pharmaceuticals and Lenovo International Services Supply Chain have won the 2023 The Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM) Awards of Excellence.

The program also recognized individual winners – Sang Park, director of contract business analytics at Coastal Pacific Food Distributer Inc.; Danielle Malave, performance and execution manager at Boeing Distribution Services Inc.; and Jeremy Codiroli, vice-president of process improvement at AVI-SPL.

Since 2012, ASCM Awards of Excellence has recognized superior performance and dedication to advancing the field of supply chain management.

Keysight Technologies has received the 2023 Award of Excellence — Corporate Transformation. This award recognizes an organization that brings fundamental, meaningful transformation that elevates the business; drives effective product offerings, reduces risk, advances supply chain performance, and achieves sustainable results.

Keysight Technologies is honoured for the corporation’s resilient equipment operating model, which positioned them as a leader in supply chain resilience and efficiency. The corporation was able to achieve significant cost savings, proven their commitment to continuous improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction – by adopting ASCM global standards, sharing the body of knowledge with key team members and tapping into the power of the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model.

Teva Pharmaceuticals was presented with the 2023 Award of Excellence — Learning and Development, which recognizes an organization’s commitment to productivity and advancement based on the ongoing application of educational concepts, competencies and best practices from ASCM performance-driven team training and the APICS body of knowledge.

Teva Pharmaceuticals achieved this award by engaging in ASCM’s team training – fostering growth and contributing to ongoing advancements.  Investments in Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) and Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) education empowered 400 cross-functional staff, boosting supply chain prowess and contributing to the overall supply chain success.

The 2023 Award of Excellence — Making an Impact was awarded to Lenovo International Services Supply Chain. This award honors an organization’s commitment to developing policies that integrate responsible practices into daily business operations and focus on sustainability.

Lenovo International Services Supply Chain won this award based on their commitment to zero waste, greenhouse gas reduction and shipping optimization. Notably, strategic logistics efforts surpassed ocean shipment goals and curtailed the carbon footprint. Moreover, the company reduced packaging to slash carbon emissions by 160 tons with a strong emphasis on enhanced forecasting, efficient parts harvesting, and extended life cycles led to a remarkable 76% recycling rate.

In addition to the three corporate awards, ASCM also recognized three individuals for their exceptional work in supply chain. Park received the 2023 Award of Excellence — Supply Chain Leader. Park is a true industry leader who is dedicated to making a meaningful difference through his supply chain career.

He uses his passion for effective communication, combined with a talent for research and benchmarking, to achieve meaningful sales growth while maintaining an excellent customer experience. Plus, he is dedicated to nurturing the next generation by delivering a clear message to young professionals that there’s no limit to one’s potential in the supply chain field.

Malave was presented with the 2023 Award of Excellence — Diversity and Inclusion Champion for her extraordinary efforts to ensure all supply chain team members are represented. Malave does this through cross-functional education about cultural differences which fosters a space where people are empowered to engage, bring forward ideas and participate in important conversations.

Finally, the 2023 ASCM Award of Excellence – Emerging Supply Chain Leader was awarded to Codiroli. He continues to lift up the people around him by encouraging them to pursue ongoing training and education — as well as focusing on innovation and creating an inspiring and supportive team setting. This mindset helped them achieve a 73% defects reduction and nearly $10 million in cost-savings annually.

“We are delighted to announce this year’s recipients of the 2023 ASCM Award of Excellence. These individuals and corporations are recognized as extraordinary members of our industry that are making positive, lasting contributions to the field,” said ASCM CEO Abe Eshkenazi.

“While we continue to work tirelessly to address the multitude of disruptions facing the global supply chain, it is important that we take time to recognize and celebrate professionals who are helping to drive the industry forward.”

The Awards of Excellence program will open for 2024 entries next spring.