Bastian Solutions endows scholarships

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Indianapolis, Indiana – Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, and the Bastian family will sponsor two, $5,000 annual scholarships through the Material Handling Education Foundation.

The Bastian Family Scholarship will be given in hono0r of William (Bill) Bastian Sr. and William (Bill) Bastian II in dedication of their outstanding careers and entrepreneurial leadership in the material handling industry.

In light of their retirements in 2019, Bastian Solutions has established this scholarship to continue the Bastian family legacy by selecting two distinguished individuals whom are studying to become future engineering leaders in the material handling or supply chain industries.

“The most valuable resource to our company and our industry are people,” stated Aaron Jones, president of Bastian Solutions.

“Bill Sr. and Bill II wholeheartedly believed this, so to celebrate and thank them on their long and successful careers, we wanted to promote the next generation of engineering leadership. Our hope is to use this scholarship to identify and encourage the growth of talented individuals who are passionate about the industry, innovation, leadership and community.”

Bill Bastian Sr. announced his retirement from Bastian Solutions on January 1, 2019 after 63 years in the industry. Most recently, Bill Bastian II retired from Bastian Solutions on April 1, 2019 following 32 years of leadership at the company.

Bill Bastian II joined Bastian Solutions, then Bastian Material Handling, in 1987 before purchasing the company from his father in January 1992. During his tenure, Bastian Solutions saw tremendous growth with the addition of multiple U.S. and global locations as well as continuous innovations in automation and software.

Under his leadership, Bastian Solutions transitioned from a Midwest company into a global systems integrator.

Michael Romano, president and CEO of Toyota Advanced Logistics North America, assumed the role of Bastian Solutions’ CEO on April 1, 2019, following the announcement of Bill Bastian II’s retirement.

Bastian Solutions is a material handling systems integrator, providing automated solutions for distribution, order fulfillment and manufacturing centres around the world. It specializes in supply chain consulting and material handling system designs that include technologies ranging from entry-level to advanced automation such as high-speed conveyor sortation, goods-to-person systems, mobile and industrial robotics, supply chain software, and custom automation engineering.

Today, the company also engineers and manufactures many of its own products including ZiPline Conveyor and Exacta Supply Chain Software.