Kudos and Congratulations: December 13, 2022

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) for the first time and in the North America Index (DJSI North America) for the third consecutive year. The index benchmarks corporate sustainability performance based on an assessment of comprehensive governance, economic, environmental and social criteria. CP performed particularly well in the areas of human rights, supply chain, occupational health and safety, environmental policy, management and reporting and corporate citizenship and philanthropy. In 2022, CP became the first freight rail company in North America to participate in the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, a voluntary global corporate sustainability initiative.

Railway Association of Canada

The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) has announced the winners of its 2022 Safety Awards. RAC’s Safety Awards occur annually and recognize members that go above and beyond, as selected by the RAC’s Safety and Operations Management Committee (SOMC) — a committee reporting to RAC’s Board of Directors.

CN was recognized for its Electronic Track Authority Verification (ETAV) navigation tool. In Spring 2020, CN’s senior field safety advisory group took on a challenge: use the latest technology to reduce Main Track Authority Violations (MTAV) and improve on-track employee safety. As no off-the-shelf solutions existed for their desired use case, the CN Engineering, I&T Operational Technology, and Safety teams worked together to develop their ETAV solution. CN rolled out the new technology 18 months later, providing a new layer of protection for hundreds of employees and on-track vehicles daily.

Ontario Northland Transportation Commission (ONTC) won for its Operation Lifesaver decals initiative. This program involves outfitting all Rail Infrastructure Department vehicles with “Look, listen, live” decals — a key safety message from the partners at Operation Lifesaver.  The employee who pitched this initiative recognized that the public often sees Department vehicles on the road or at a railway crossings. The employee also saw that the rears of the vehicles were blank. The decals provide a dynamic, far-reaching, and low-cost opportunity to spread Operation Lifesaver’s message of “Look.Listen.Live.” Operation Lifesaver loved the idea so much, they shared the idea with their network and included it in their annual report.

Southern Railway of British Columbia (SRY) was lauded for its Field Level Risk Assessment forms. The initiative involves standardizing the process for assessing hazards in the field prior to starting work and the control measures for mitigating or avoiding risk.

Metrolinx won or its “System Safety Assurance” program, which includes  improvements to ensure the highest safety standards are applied to transportation projects. Metrolinx has developed and launched a new System Safety Assurance (SSA) Program which provides a Governance Framework for both business-as-usual and change projects. Metrolinx also instituted certification and performance committees to facilitate the system safety acceptance process and to obtain and maintain approval (consent to operate).

VIA Rail Canada (VIA) was recognized for its Simulator Training Program and Facilities initiative. VIA Rail developed unique, ultra-realistic simulators to recreate railway occurrences. VIA Rail analyzed incidents across North America and focused on causes and contributing factors to develop tools to simulate and teach safety-related best practices thus mitigating and minimizing human factor-based incidents.