Kudos and congratulations: June 21, 2022

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Michel Tanguay

Michel Tanguay accepting his award at the CITT’s Canada Logistics Conference. 2022.

Michel Tanguay has been recognized with the CITT Award of Excellence – the organization’s highest honour. The award acknowledges an outstanding career as well as deep, ongoing commitment to CITT and the logistics industry as a whole. 

Tanguay’s 30-year career in the transportation business started unintentionally – his first role was as a clerk checking freight invoices while waiting for another opportunity to arise. Through curiosity and talent, he fell in love with the industry, and through his career with the SAQ (Quebec Liquor Corporation), he managed imports and distribution. He also built the structure of SAQ’s modern supply chain over 20 years ago, the fundamentals of which are still in place today. Tanguay has also been actively involved with CITT since a manager encouraged him to enrol early in his career.

“Michel Tanguay has been selflessly giving back to CITT for a long time” said Pina Melchionna, president and CEO of CITT. “Not only has he sat on our board of directors, but he’s taught a great many of the CCLP designation holders who have been certified in the last decade and more, as one of our course facilitators. He has also taught for Supply Chain Canada, Chartered Professional Accountants, CÉGEPs, and more.”

Madeleine Paquin

As part of its celebration of the great builders of the Québec economy, the Institute for Governance of Private and Public organizations (IGOPP) has named Madeleine Paquin, president and CEO of Logistec Corporation, in its sixth edition. Since this initiative was launched in 2010, IGOPP has been celebrating the innovation and merits of exceptional business builders who are shaping Québec’s economy.

Madeleine Paquin is a true visionary, leading a company that went public over 50 years ago and is among the few female leaders of a Canadian company with shares listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. She is the first female entrepreneur, following Dorimène Desjardins, to be named a great builder by IGOPP since 2011 and will be added to the Wall of Great Builders of the Québec Economy,” said president and CEO of IGOPP, François Dauphin.