Logistics Hall of Fame nominations due

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Ismaning, Germany – The countdown is on: Proposals for admission to the Logistics Hall of Fame or the Logistics Leader of the Year can only be submitted until Friday, May 3.

If you have a candidate in mind, you can submit your idea to the organization via the internet form at www.logisticshalloffame.net. Proposals are free of charge and only take a few minutes.

Once nominations are received the Logistics Hall of Fame Council selects up to 10 candidates from all proposals for the final. In the second round of voting, around 60 internationally renowned experts from the fields of logistics and supply chain management will decide who will move into the Logistics Hall of Fame as a new member or who will get the title “Logistics Leader of the Year” for the first time.

Both awards will be presented in autumn 2019 at the Logistics Hall of Fame-Gala at the German Federal Ministry of Transport in Berlin. The Logistics Hall of Fame is supported by politicians, associations, the media, business and science. The patron is the German Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer.

The Hall of Fame can be accessed free of charge at any time at www.logisticshalloffame.net and provides information about logistics milestones and their creators.