Online warehouse space marketplace wins prize

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

LOS ANGELES – The USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management has presented the Supply Chain Digital Transformation Award 2020 to Warehouse Exchange, an online marketplace for matching buyers and sellers of warehouse space. The award recognizes organizations that use digital technology to disrupt and improve supply chain performance.

Presented by the executive director of USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain, Nick Vyas, the award is an indication of the excellence achieved by a company and is a testament to the company’s innovation in the space since its founding in 2017. The award was accepted by the CEO of Warehouse Exchange, Grant Langston, during a virtual event.

“The future supply chains will be underpinned by digital transformation with a shared marketplace platform that can offer greater efficiency and resource utilization across the end-to-end (E2E) supply chains,” said Vyas.

“Warehouse Exchange is an example of a market leader in warehouse space to drive efficiency by creating a marketplace of excess warehouse space that would convert idle asset class into a revenue-generating asset by utilizing a best-in-class digital platform.”

A path to efficiency

“The entire Warehouse Exchange team is deeply honoured to receive this award from USC and the Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management,” Langston said.

“Disruption can mean many things, but for us it’s a pathway to greater efficiency. It’s a way to unlock the shadow space that’s quietly written off as sunk cost, and to make it alive and profitable for owners and operators. We will use this award as inspiration to go faster, work harder, and help more small businesses find the resources they need.”

Warehouse Exchange operates across the U.S., allowing companies who need warehouse space to compare options quickly and efficiently for their business. Based in Los Angeles, California, and founded in 2017, Warehouse Exchange provides an automated warehousing marketplace for outsourced storage and distribution needs, matching shippers and operators in real-time. It lets companies who need space the ability to compare options and find the ideal warehouse space while letting warehouse operators monetize their space and maximize utilization.