Patrick Bohan wins CITT award

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

TORONTO – Patrick Bohan has been recognized with CITT’s Award of Excellence. Bohan is director of business development at Port of Halifax.

The Award of Excellence is the highest commendation CITT bestows. It is given for recognition of an outstanding career and contribution to CITT.

“I was both surprised and humbled to be recognized with CITT’s Award of Excellence,” Bohan said. “One look at the list of past winners is all it takes to see the incredible company I’ve been put in and I am grateful for that. CITT has helped me build a fantastic network of talented and knowledgeable logisticians, including the previous winners. It’s a business where collaboration is everything.” 

“Mr. Bohan is a most deserving recipient, said Pina Melchionna, CITT’s president and CEO. “We’re honored by his commitment to CITT, as well as to professional excellence in logistics.” 

Bohan received his CITT certification over 20 years ago, in 1999. Since then, he has been a driving force behind CITT’s presence in Atlantic Canada, and served as chairman of CITT’s board of directors from 2007 to 2009. 

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with an HBA, he went to work in the field starting with jobs in heavy lift and transportation and then went on to roles in trucking and rail, before finding himself in marine by the late 90’s. 

“Looking back at my work experience, I now realize that I started to develop a passion for this field during my time working as a student at the Eaton’s department stores in London and Sudbury,” Bohan recollected.


After receiving his certification, Bohan quickly became involved in teaching at local colleges, as well as spearheading the efforts to grow CITT’s presence in Atlantic Canada both in Saint John and Halifax. He led the campaign for CITT’s annual conference to take place in Halifax in 2002 – an event that was so successful the conference has returned to Atlantic Canada every few years since. 

Looking back on his career, he is most proud of the longstanding business he’s helped to win through collaboration with the Port of Halifax’s partners in the supply chain. “Working with industry and our stevedoring companies and the intermodal providers, we were able to fill up a good deal of our terminals, sheds and berths with cargoes that have been enduring and resilient.  Supply chain is a team sport and I have appreciated the opportunity to play on the team at the Port of Halifax and work with so many dedicated people throughout the business.”