Clark to re-shore forklift manufacturing

by MM&D Online Staff

Lexington, Kentucky—Forklift manufacturer CLARK Material Handling is expanding its Lexington, KY manufacturing facility in order to begin building forktrucks in the US which were previously made in Mexico.

Beginning in May 2016, CLARK will start production of its ECX (four-wheel electric) and TMX (three-wheel electric) models in Lexington which were previously produced in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The ECX and TMX will join the NPX, ESX, PWX and HWX models, which are currently produced in CLARK’s Lexington manufacturing facility.

In conjunction with this reshoring of production to Lexington, CLARK also announced it has purchased an adjacent four acre parcel of land including a multi-purpose building to augment its existing facilities which now total over 162,000 square feet at the Lexington campus. This expansion at CLARK is the first phase in growing its global footprint in North America, Brazil and Europe. When the expansion is complete, by 2020, it is anticipated that CLARK’s global manufacturing capabilities will have grown 1.5 times from its current size.

“The investment CLARK is making today in its Lexington manufacturing operations is a direct result of the significant increase in business opportunities which CLARK has experienced over the past two years,” said Dennis Lawrence, CLARK’s president and CEO. “The expansion of manufacturing operations in North America solidifies CLARK’s
long term commitment to its dealers and customers while providing additional employment opportunities for Central Kentuckians.”