3PL opens research lab

by MM&D Online Staff

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee—Kenco—a provider of integrated logistics solutions, real estate services, and material handling equipment—has established a department focused on researching and developing innovative approaches to supply chain management challenges.

Kenco Innovation Labs and its dedicated team of innovation specialists will collaborate with customers to identify, research, and prototype leading-edge ideas and processes. This team will also partner with entrepreneurs and vendors from multiple industries to identify trends that can be cost-effectively applied in the supply chain, enabling them to create unique, customer-driven solutions.

A test lab and demonstration centre will be created at the Kenco corporate campus in Chattanooga, Tennessee to explore and research these emerging technologies and processes.

“A single service model no longer works within the logistics industry—third party logistics providers must innovate to meet customer needs,” said Kristi Montgomery, vice president, Kenco Innovation Labs. “Kenco has always been ahead of the curve in providing creative solutions, and the lab will continue those efforts with a dedicated team focused on strategic implementation of forward-thinking ideas that create supply chain value, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.”