Aviation maintenance centre to be established in Manitoba

by MM&D Online Staff

MONTREAL, Quebec—Air Canada has entered into an agreement with the Manitoba Government to help establish a Western Canada Centre of Excellence for certain aircraft maintenance activities in the Province.

Under the agreement, Air Canada will bring to Manitoba three of its aviation suppliers and partners with unique expertise and capabilities. The Centre is expected to create 150 jobs starting in 2017 with the possibility of further expansion and job creation in the future.

“Air Canada is very pleased to have reached an agreement with the Manitoba Government to work cooperatively to further support the Province’s aviation sector and to help develop a Western Canada Centre of Excellence,” said Calin Rovinescu, Air Canada president and CEO.

“By bringing some of our suppliers and partners to Manitoba and facilitating their establishment there, Air Canada is strengthening the foundation for future growth of the industry in the Province. We are already one of the Province’s largest employers with more than 725 jobs and this agreement should further develop and diversify Manitoba’s aviation expertise and help create quality jobs in a highly competitive and dynamic industry.”

Under the agreement announced today, Air Canada will facilitate and support the establishment in Manitoba by three of its longstanding suppliers and partners:

  • Hope Aero Propeller & Components Inc., one of Air Canada’s suppliers, which specializes in propellers, wheels, brakes and batteries;
  • Airbase Services Inc., one of Air Canada’s suppliers, which specializes in aircraft interior equipment maintenance; and
  • Cargojet Airways Ltd., one of Air Canada’s cargo partners, to whom Air Canada has agreed to lease one of its Winnipeg hangars on favourable terms to enable it to establish its own maintenance activities.

Start up for all three is expected to commence in 2017.

Air Canada has also agreed to encourage bidding by Manitoba suppliers for other services, including components work on future aircraft to enter the airline’s fleet, subject to certification, price and quality considerations.

Subject to completion of final agreements, the Government of Manitoba has agreed to discontinue participation in litigation related to Air Canada’s obligations under the Air Canada Public Participation Act.