Air Canada joins new climate group

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Air Canada is a founding member of, and the first Canadian carrier to join, the Aviation Climate Taskforce (ACT), formed to tackle the challenge of rising CO2 emissions from commercial aviation.

The new, non-profit organization, made up of 10 global airlines and the Boston Consulting Group, was established to accelerate research and advance innovation related to emerging decarbonization technologies, including through the development of sustainable aviation fuels.

“Air Canada is highly focused on its environmental performance and has committed to reduce its footprint further by setting a target of net zero emissions by 2050. Combatting global warming requires a global response, and we are pleased to be the first Canadian airline to join the Aviation Climate Taskforce,” said Air Canada president and CEO Michael Rousseau.

“As a founding member, we will work with other global carriers and invest in emerging technologies to advance the decarbonization of our sector and build a long-term, sustainable aviation industry.”

As part of its climate targets to reach a goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions throughout its global operations by 2050, Air Canada has committed to invest up to $50 million in alternative fuels and carbon reductions, a portion of which will be invested through ACT.

ACT will support the advancement of emerging technologies through an innovation network and a collaboration forum. The network will pinpoint collaboration opportunities, and provide grant funding. The forum will identify other ways to expedite the adoption and scale-up of next generation technologies.

Air Canada joins Air France/KLM, American Airlines, BCG, Cathay pacific, Delta, Jetblue, Lufthansa, Southwest, United and Virgin Atlantic in the group.