St-Hubert offers carbon-neutral deliveries

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

As it turns 70, renowned Quebec BBQ restaurant St-Hubert is offering carbon-neutral delivery.

Over the next five years, the chain will buy more than $200,000 in carbon credits, and will  increase the number of electric and hybrid vehicles under its banner. To date, more than 20 percent of St-Hubert’s delivery fleet of over 400 vehicles are electric or hybrid.

St-Hubert turned to WILL Solutions, a Canadian B Corp certified company headquartered in Beloeil, Quebec for its carbon credit program. Each carbon credit purchased represents a one (1) tonne reduction in GHG emissions by Quebec SMEs, municipalities and community organizations. All reductions are qualified, measured, externally audited, and registered with the VCS/VERRA voluntary market program.

The carbon neutrality of the company’s delivery service is part of its sustainable development plan. This new initiative is in line with environmental actions taken in the past, such as the implementation of composting by the rotisserie, the replacement of its packaging with recyclable materials, and its involvement as a founding member of the Circuit électrique driven by Hydro-Québec. In the last few years, St-Hubert has invested more than 2 million dollars in the environment.

In 1951, Hélène and René Léger founded the very first St-Hubert Bar-B-Q rotisserie on St-Hubert Street in Montreal, not knowing that their restaurant would one day become one of Quebec’s most popular chains. They were the first restaurant in Canada to offer free delivery in the early 1950s.

In 2012, St-Hubert created the St-Hubert Foundation, which has donated over $7 million to 450 organizations to date.