Canadian cargo scanners receive U.S. TSA approval

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The XR3D-7D scanner from VOTI has received “qualified” status from the United States TSA. (Image: VOTI)

MONTREAL – VOTI Detection Inc.’s  model XR3D-7D and XR3D-100D scanners have been granted the highest level of acceptance for air cargo certification and have been added to the “Qualified” section of the Air Cargo Security Technology List (ACSTL) by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

This follows the certification granted the VOTI XR3D-6D scanner received from the TSA in October 2019.

“Having the XR3D-7D and XR3D-100D qualified by the TSA is a very significant milestone for our company”, said Rory Olson, president and CEO of VOTI Detection.

“One of our key priorities and a critical component of our overall growth strategy has been to obtain TSA certification for our fleet of scanners, to penetrate not only the air cargo market in the U.S. but the global air cargo market as well. TSA certification is the gold standard for performance in the industry and having three of our scanners listed on the TSA Air Cargo Screening Technology List will result in a very positive impact on our order book over the next twelve months.”

VOTI Detection, headquartered in Montreal, develops X-ray security systems based on 3D Perspective technology. VOTI’s technology produces sharp and more revealing X-ray images.