UPS Canada contributes over $1.5 million in 2019

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – For the 18th consecutive year, UPS Canada has received the Thanks a Million award, continuing a 30-year relationship with the United Way in Canada and raising $1.1 million (CAD) toward United Way initiatives. This accomplishment was a combination of employee engagement and sponsored events, like the charity plane pulls hosted in Mississauga, Ontario, Calgary, Alberta, and Hamilton, Ontario.

Globally, UPS is on track to meet 20 million volunteer hours and plant 15 million trees by the end of this year, to help offset emissions and improve lives. Last year, 1,000 trees were planted across Canada and UPS employees volunteered 113,703 hours in their communities to support local initiatives such as Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Youth Without Shelter. During Global Volunteer Month in October, employees volunteered more than 28,000 hours of their time.

In 2019, The UPS Foundation awarded more than $398,000 in Canadian grants, including $50,000 to Credit Valley Conservation Foundation and over $45,000 to Food for Life Canada. An additional $100,000 in community grants were awarded to over 140 charitable organizations.

“Continuing with our strong tradition of giving back to communities, we support diverse charitable organizations to help build a better and sustainable world. Our employees are motivated and passionate to give back as they know their efforts are leading to long-term improvements in the Canadian communities where they live and work,” said Dominic Porporino, president of UPS Canada.

“It’s their continued support and dedication to safety, that creates a positive impact in society.”

In 2019, 21 drivers were inducted into UPS Canada’s Circle of Honour, a program recognizing those who have not had an avoidable accident for 25 years or more. Today, 258 drivers, in Canada, are members of this program. Globally, over 10,000 drivers have logged more than 22 billion kilometres of safe driving through their careers.

UPS Road Code is a global sponsored teen safe driving program based on the company’s safe-driving methods that is offered through various Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada locations. Its success is largely dependent on the UPS service providers that oversee the program and facilitate the hands-on training. Last year, 619 young adults graduated from the program, bringing the total to 2,815 graduates in Canada.

As part of its scholarship program, UPS awarded five Canadian students with the James E. Casey scholarship in recognition of their outstanding academic achievements. Since 1963, the program has supported education of more than 5,800 children of UPS employees in over 40 countries worldwide.

UPS also announced its partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), to play a vital role in combatting human trafficking, by creating awareness amongst its 12,000 employees, including over 2,500 drivers, on how to recognize and respond to signs of human trafficking activity.

“We are proud to support this initiative and create awareness on combatting human trafficking. Our drivers are educated and equipped with tools to help prevent this modern day slavery,” added Porporino.