Consultant offers free videos to help businesses cope with pandemic

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Consultant Marc Gordon has seen virtually 100 per of his business disappear in the past few weeks as clients closed or put purchases on hold.

He also noticed that the business community was going through challenges far beyond just dwindling sales. “I knew of business that were overwhelmed with how to deal with staff, customers, or whether they should be advertising. As such, they were going through unbelievable amounts of personal stress,” he said.

So he decided to offer some help. He created a series of five videos, each one covering a unique aspect of running a business. He interviewed professionals from the mental health and human resource fields for content.

The videos cover working with customers, managing staff, company policies, marketing, and mental health – all in a world impacted by COVID-19.

“These videos are intended to provide the kind of guidance I believe every business owner needs right now. I’m going through the same things as them. So why not share what I know? And with the help of organizations, we can get these out to business owners as quickly as possible,” says Marc.

See Marc Gordon’s COVID-19 business videos at