Big European fleet buy for GNB Industrial Power

by MM&D Online Staff

Bolton, UK–Forklift manufacturer STILL has selected GNB’s TENSOR batteries for a large new fleet change underway at a major logistics firm. Following a successful six-month trial, the customer will switch from gas-powered to electric forklifts, making impressive year-over-year cost savings.

GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies, will supply over 220 of its (80V, 840Ah) TENSOR batteries as part of the deal, one of the biggest European fleet changes in recent years.

“Our customer is reducing total cost of ownership, improving up-time across its fleet, and seeing significant reductions in carbon emissions,” said Chris Findlay, National Key Accounts Manager at STILL. “The large cost savings will allow our customer to be more efficient than rival firms, creating real competitive advantages for their business.”

Previously, the logistics company was operating LPG-powered counterbalance trucks and was looking to reduce its carbon footprint. The switch to STILL RX60 electric counterbalance trucks helped it to lower its CO2 emissions. The company can now also operate around the clock while maintaining required productivity levels.

TENSOR is a high-performance battery with formidable power density and energy content. Designed for fast recharging, it allows the logistics company to increase up-time and get the most out of its investment. High energy efficiency means ongoing reductions in energy consumption, while the low operating temperature leads to longer operational life.

The switch to TENSOR will significantly reduce CO2 emissions and help the company achieve its annual environmental targets. As well as ordering over 220 TENSOR batteries, the customer has also selected GNB’ system. This combines efficient fleet management with comprehensive battery monitoring.

“We’re delighted to have been selected for this landmark deal, which will see the firm switch from gas-powered to electric forklifts. This is part of a larger trend in the industry, with more businesses seeing the clear benefits that electric forklifts can bring,” said Duncan Leaver, senior key accounts manager at Exide Technologies.

“Compared to its previous fleet, the customer will reduce energy consumption, increase up-time and achieve a big reduction in CO2 emissions.This shows the power of TENSOR and its viability in the most demanding environments.”