eBay enterprise adopts voice

by MM&D Online Staff

GRAFTON, West Virginia—eBay Enterprise has selected Mountain Leverage for its voice implementation. Mountain Leverage LLC is a Vocollect provider with Honeywell for supply chain logistics. The customized Honeywell solution will be used for picking and packing in the eBay Enterprise facility in Louisville, Kentucky to optimize workflows, increase order accuracy and improve fulfillment efficiency to shorten delivery times.

eBay Enterprise, an eBay Inc company, is a global provider of cloud-based, retail-optimized commerce solutions, order management,  warehouse and store fulfillment, customer care, and marketing solutions. It operates more than six million square feet of warehouse fulfillment space throughout the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

“eBay Enterprise powers brands and retailers to deliver exceptional consumer experiences and optimize its business to grow faster and more profitably, than they could on their own,” says Tom Barone, Vice President of North America Operations, eBay Enterprise. “We aggressively reinvest in our operations to provide our clients with industry-leading technology, scalability and speed to support their growth.”

eBay Enterprise selected the Mountain Leverage voice solution to meet the exacting standard which today’s consumer expects from their retail experience. The improved voice workflows were first introduced in the picking area and within weeks extended into the packing operations. “By implementing voice technology in both our pick and pack operations, we have seen higher productivity rates and improved accuracies by simplifying the current process and providing associates a more efficient hands-free alternative – all important factors to further drive success during peak,” says Barone.

eBay Enterprise chose Mountain Leverage for this fulfillment centre automation project based on its proven track record of delivering results on hundreds of integrations around the world. And Mountain Leverage did so once again—on time and well in advance of the extreme demands retailers face in the days surrounding Cyber Monday.

eBay Enterprise selected Honeywell’s Vocollect Talkman A730 Solution and the ergonomic SRX2 Wireless Headset, along with Vocollect VoiceCatalyst software.