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Forklift Simulator wins at ProMat

Takes home MHI ‘Best New Innovation Award’ at Chicago’s ProMat 2015 show

The simulator was popular on the show floor at ProMat

April 15, 2015
by MM&D Online Staff

Chicago, Illinois—Forklift Simulator was proud to pick up the award for Best New Innovation, which was announced at the ProMat 70th Anniversary Celebration. The MHI Innovation Award pays homage to the freshest and the best in manufacturing and supply chain products.

Recognized as a pioneering startup company, Forklift Simulator was celebrated for providing a new product set to transform the way forklift operators are trained. Intuitive 360° virtual reality headgear and realistic drivers’ seats allow workers to hone their skills without using expensive real world equipment.

Lowering the cost of expensive operator training and reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace are the key benefits of the simulator.

Andy Van den Broeck of Forklift Simulator commented, “We’re absolutely thrilled to accept the award for MHI Best New Innovation. Our simulator offers the very best in virtual reality environments, so people can train in authentic conditions at a reduced cost and in complete safety. We’re so proud of our product and getting such recognition with this prestigious award is fantastic.”