Intelcom spending $20 million on sorting automation

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Courier Intelcom has opened a high-volume sorting hub that can sort and send out over 500,000 packages per day for last-mile delivery.

The company’s Mississauga hub is equipped with two automated conveyors that can sort 12,000 and 9,000 packages per hour, respectively, depending on the parcel’s size. They operate 24 hours a day and have a total capacity of over 500,000 packages a day.

Designed and integrated by Bastian Solutions, they are controlled by software tailored to Intelcom’s specific automation needs.

For the last quarter of 2021, Intelcom says it will deliver more than 42 million packages across the 10 Canadian provinces, in addition to the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

This $12 million investment will be followed by an additional $9 million in 2022 for the company’s Montréal facility.

“We have already established an extensive network of more than 65 stations across Canada that allows us to reach a large number of consumers,” said François Poliquin, president of Intelcom.

“With facilities like the one in Mississauga, equipped with the best technology in the industry, we are making this network available to a wider range of merchants by offering them a single point of entry for their parcels from a major logistics hub in Canada.”

Traditionally a specialist in last-mile delivery, this opening marks a move to a hub-and-spoke model, where the Mississauga point of entry can not only redirect packages immediately to end consumers (last mile) but also distribute them to other stations in its network (middle mile) and then complete the last mile from that station.

Intelcom is also implementing what it calls a “transport and travel management and optimization system”.

It plans to deploy similar technology to standardize its provincial sorting hubs, first in Montreal in early 2022 and then in British Columbia, Alberta and the Maritimes.

Intelcom delivers close to 400,000 parcels every day across the country. Headquartered in Montreal, Intelcom employs more than 1,800 permanent people in Canada and contracts with more than 470 independent delivery contractors daily. Founded in 1986, Intelcom is the parent company of Dragonfly Shipping Pty Ltd, which operates in Australia.