Light load: Feline security and receiver retriever

by MM&D staff

SOUTHAMPTON, UK, and Somewhere in Cyberspace: Millie has a badge and a uniform and is out on patrol. She’s on duty, keeping a warehouse safe from thieves and intruders. She takes a real hands-on…sorry, make that paws-on approach to DC security.

Millie, you see, is a Bengal cat.

UK media outlets are reporting that Millie has been hired by toy manufacturer Bandai to guard its warehouse. Bandai produces lines like Power Rangers and ThunderCats. (For those who only remember the 1980s cartoon, it has been updated for a new generation).

Admittedly this has all the feeling of a publicity stunt (ThunderCats, security cat—really they should have called her Bengalra or Bengal-O to keep with the naming conventions of the cartoon) but the cute pictures of Millie doing her security rounds, and the fact this is our Friday fun column, means we’re giving her a pass.

For another less orchestrated (perhaps) view at animals in warehouses, we have video of Misty the Pyrenees.

Now it doesn’t seem that Misty has been hired to act as a receiver at a book warehouse, but she’s certainly auditioning for the job and showing off her unpacking skills.

And yes, we know a Great Pyrenees isn’t a retriever and is isn’t a guarding breed (maybe Millie could use back-up), so you don’t have to send us letters to the fact. But if you do have something you’d like to tell us, please feel free to send a letter to the editor. We’d love to hear from you.)