Maisliner lands furniture contract

by MM&D Online Staff

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario—Wholesale Furniture Brokers has signed an agreement with Maisliner to warehouse products in Mississauga, Ontario and service the greater Toronto area and the rest of Eastern Canada.

“Maisliner specializes in warehousing, which allows us to focus on our customer service,” says Sergei Tashlikowich, president and CEO of Wholesale Furniture Brokers, adding, “This investment is part of our continuing effort to be the leading online house and home products retailer in Canada.”

Maisliner will provide Wholesale Furniture Brokers with an all inclusive package for storing and delivering furniture to their customers with fast, efficient high quality service.

In 2012, Wholesale Furniture Brokers signed a lease agreement for their own warehouse in Langley, BC to reduce transit times and lower prices for stocked products in markets across Canada, particularly Western Canada including the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. The warehousing expansion in Langley contributed to increasing orders and sales across Canada.

“We increased orders in Alberta by over 59 percent and over 30 percent in Ontario within the first year with our Langley warehouse,” states Tashlikowich. “The warehouse made it possible for us to offer a wider selection of stocked products at a better value and ship them to our customers faster. The new partnership with Maisliner will allow us to expand the success of our Quick Ship in Canada program, and to provide better value and service for our Eastern Canada customers and grow our sales at a 20 to 40percent annualized rate.”

The Mississauga warehouse space will only be used for drop shipping to customers’ homes or offices and will have no showroom or pickups.

When asked how the partnership will improve customer experience in Eastern Canada, Tashlikowich said, “We will have the ability to deliver within Ontario in one day, and to Halifax in five with Maisliner’s delivery service, which is a 76 percent decrease in transit time when shipping from Langley. Customers will be happier. The increased warehouse capacity will also allow us to expand our stocked product selection and reduce stock shortages, which will benefit all of our customers Canada-wide. Our first container of sectionals is expected to arrive in Mississauga in December.”