Materials handling companies merge

by MM&D Online Staff

Waukesha, Wisconsin—Storage Systems Midwest, Inc, a provider of materials storage solutions for commercial and industrial companies throughout the United States, has acquired Sussex-based Babush Material Handling Systems, Inc.

The acquisition significantly expands Storage Systems Midwest’s design capabilities and product breadth of automated and materials handling and storage-related products. Equipment added to Storage Systems Midwest’s existing product offerings includes state-of-the-art material handling systems and conveying equipment, robotic palletizers, stretch-wrapping machines, and automated storage and retrieval systems.

According to RJ Safranek, president of Storage Systems Midwest, the additional engineering expertise and product lines allow the company to offer a broader range of solutions designed to help manufacturers and warehousing distribution companies efficiently move, sort and package materials. The added equipment lines also complement Storage Systems Midwest’s storage solutions.

“The world of logistics and the challenges our customers face change rapidly, especially for those who operate on a global scale,” Safranek said. “This product acquisition exemplifies how Storage Systems Midwest constantly evolves to match the needs of our customers–as well as our commitment to helping them increase the value of their space and move materials as efficiently as possible.”

In addition to offering a comprehensive line of material handling systems and storage solutions, Storage Systems Midwest works closely with customers to plan and design solutions tailored to their needs. The company’s extensive space planning expertise and in-depth knowledge of materials handling and storage solutions will benefit customers of Babush Material Handling, Safranek added.

“This acquisition also allows us to extend our design and facility layout expertise to customers of Babush Material Handling who are in need of the kind of solutions we offer,” Safranek said. “It’s an arrangement that allows both companies to better serve our customers.”