MM&D Distribution Centre Cost Benchmarking Study

by MM&D staff

TORONTO: At a time when companies are under unparalleled fiscal scrutiny, DC managers need to know whether their expenses are in line with those of their peers.

The MM&D DC Cost Benchmarking Study is the first original Canadian quantitative and qualitative study of its kind. It allows DC managers to calibrate their own spend against that of their Canadian peers based on criteria such as location, physical size, number of SKUs, throughput, number of employees, hours of operation, accuracy and proximity to transportation infrastructure. The study was sponsored by RBC.

Emily Atkins, MM&D’s publisher and editor-in-chief, will present the results of the survey on May 11 at the Supply Chain & Logistics Association Canada’s 44th-annual conference and trade show. The show takes place at Mississauga’s International Centre, May 10 and 11.

The session will feature a panel of DC managers representing different industries, and will include a presentation and discussion of the results. Participants will be able to compare their distribution centre costs with those of their peers, as well as DC costs in various regions across Canada. They’ll also be able to understand where their DC costs stack up against those of comparable Canadian companies.

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