Montreal-area DC for outdoor equipment retailer

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The DC has 700 feet of conveyor.

LONGUEUIL, Quebec SAIL Outdoors, a Quebec-based retailer, has unveiled its all-new first distribution centre to process online orders for its SAIL and Sportium e-commerce sites.

Located on boulevard Jean-Paul Vincent in Longueuil, the DC is 80,000 square feet. It is equipped with a 700-foot conveyor, which the company says will speed order fulfillment times and allow it to stock a larger number of SKUs.More than 500 brands will be stocked.

The DC will operate 16 hours a day, seven days a week.

SAIL expects to process 500,000 online sales within four years.

“We are proud to continue developing and growing our two banners while also supplementing our commercial offer through the use of this warehouse, which will make it possible for us to process thousands of orders efficiently on a daily basis,” said Norman Décarie, president and CEO of SAIL Outdoors.

The DC will operate seven days a week.

The new Longueuil distribution centre will employ more than 50 people. They will include a team of seasoned managers, technicians, customer service representatives, as well as many positions for handlers and casual workers trained to support the substantial growth of the SAIL Outdoors digital platforms. In all, 30 new jobs will be created.

SAIL Outdoors Inc. employs nearly 2,000 people at its head office in Laval and in its stores in Quebec and Ontario. Sail Outdoors has 14 branches, eight in Quebec and six in Ontario.

The company plans to continue growing by opening new stores in both provinces, as well as by accelerating the development of its e-commerce activities.