Radial begins seasonal hiring

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Third-party logistics provider Radial says it plans to fill approximately 27,000 seasonal positions in fulfillment and customer service for the 2021 holiday season.

U.S. e-commerce spending is expected to reach between US$850 billion and $930 billion in 2021. Last year was a big year for online spending, and according to a recent consumer survey from Radial, 65 percent of consumers plan to spend the same or more in e-commerce purchases this holiday season compared to 2020.

In the past year alone, Radial has opened four new fulfillment centres in North America, with two more opening later this year to support growing client needs.

At Radial’s Brampton, Ontario, facility current full-time job openings start at $14.50 an hour.

“Peak is a crucial time for our clients; year-over-year, the demands on e-commerce increase, making the jobs we are looking to fill absolutely essential,” said Sabrina Wnorowski, vice-president human resources, Radial.

For seasonal associates looking for long-term career growth opportunities, Radial says it plans to offer significant opportunities to convert to full-time positions this year.

“We are excited to introduce seasonal associates to the world of e-commerce logistics. The future here is bright if you look at where people are choosing to make their purchases. But we also realize this is still a difficult time for the world as the pandemic continues. Like last year, we are prioritizing processes to maintain the health and safety of every worker as we scale for peak season,” added Wnorowski.

Radial is increasing multi-language capabilities and technologies to improve the training and onboarding experience for non-English speakers. The company has real-time translations of learning materials in the classroom, and is able to train associates in over 40 different languages.

In addition, Radial is expanding language options for associates to select as the primary user-interface language of the tool they will be using to receive, pick, pack, or ship. It includes Spanish and French, and ranges to less prevalent languages like Swahili.

In customer service, Radial plans to have about 60 percent of its workforce remote/virtual this holiday season. Associates with the necessary skill sets and who meet technology requirements will benefit from the flexibility of a work-at-home model. For the 2021 holiday season, Radial is looking to bring on more than 3,000 customer care associates with 1,700 of those roles being remote and virtual positions.