Real estate supply company comes to Canada

by Carolyn Gruske

An American supplier of realtor equipment has opened up its first distribution facility in Canada.

MFS Supply LLC, which is heaquartered in Cleveland Ohio, has rented a 700sqm (7,500sqf) facility in Mississauga Ontario. Currently the warehouse holds about 4,000 items.

The company has begun selling lock boxes to real estate agents in Canada, according to director of operations, Mike Hajec.

“It’s only a couple of SKUs right now. We’re just testing the market right now to see what sells the most.  We have about 600 different products in our main inventory warehouse, but we only shipped a couple up there thinking the realtor market is only going to use a couple styles of lockboxes.”

Hajec says that if sales are good, the company will sell other items used by realtors, including measuring devices and shoe covers. He said MFS is also considering expanding its Canadian warehousing operations.

“Assuming this goes well, we’re going to open up multiple distribution centres up there. I would like to expand into all of our products that we have here.”

Currently in its sixth year of operations, MFS operates two warehouses: a 4,180sqm ( 45,000sqf) facility in Cleveland and a 1,860sqm (20,000sqf) building in Los Angeles, California.

The company also sells products to the American property foreclosure and renovation industry.