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SATO Group launches new enterprise

SATO International to advance global growth, aims is for 40 percent overseas sales by 2020

January 9, 2015
by MM&D Online Staff

Tokyo, Japan—SATO, a provider of barcode printing, labelling, and EPC/RFID solutions, has launched SATO International, a new group company that will be located in Tokyo. The company will integrate and drive all aspects of overseas business activities including boosting earnings, improving group synergy, crafting and executing global strategy, supporting sales activities and customer management.

To ensure the rapid execution of the Group’s strategy, Kaz Matsuyama, President and CEO of SATO Holdings, will also serve as the head of SATO International, allowing for central management of global business operations and close cooperation between the headquarters and overseas group companies.

Yasuhiro Tanabe, who joined SATO in 2014, has been appointed as Vice President of the newly formed company. Prior to joining SATO, Tanabe spent close to 20 years at Sony in a variety of roles from product planning, marketing and sales, to production and general management. He also spent eight years of his career working in North America and Asia. Building on his extensive experience, Tanabe will play a key in role in steering SATO’s business operations and fine tuning its strategies in overseas markets.

“Globalization and maximization of customer value are two core components of our long-term strategy,” said Kaz Matsuyama, President and CEO of SATO Holdings. “SATO International will drive that strategy, expanding our market share and reach, allowing us to effectively provide customers with end-to-end Auto-ID and Data Capture solutions on a truly global scale.”

After a decade of growth in overseas markets, SATO currently has offices in 24 countries and a business presence in over 90 countries. In 2003 the company generated JPY 10.1 billion in overseas sales, which accounted for roughly 17 percent of total revenue. By 2013, sales figures nearly tripled, with JPY 28.3 billion in overseas sales, and a total of 29 percent of all revenue coming from outside of Japan. SATO is targeting a 40 percent overseas sales ratio for 2020, and expects to see JPY 60 billion in revenue from markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Looking beyond 2020, the company expects to eventually achieve a 70 percent overseas sales ratio as SATO expands into new regions and increases its market share.