Seegrid recognized as world AMR market leader

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Seegrid Corporation has been named number one for mobile robots in the United States and first in market share worldwide for automated tow tractors in the 2021 Mobile Robot report by international market research specialist Interact Analysis.

The report evaluates 2020 data and is focused on material handling applications in manufacturing and logistics environments. 

Interact Analysis’ recognition comes during a year of technology development for Seegrid. The company announced the expansion of its product portfolio with the launch of its first Palion Lift AMR, extending the  capabilities of the company’s fleet of mobile robotic solutions. The company says it has plans to continue to expand across manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce fulfillment. 

“For nearly five years, we have been closely following the tremendous growth in the AGV and AMR market across the globe, and this report reinforces that Seegrid has successfully capitalized on this opportunity as the largest mobile robot vendor in the U.S. market,” said Ash Sharma, managing director and robotics and warehouse automation division lead for Interact Analysis.

“Our research indicates that the mobile robot market will only continue growing given supply chain trends and the need for businesses to reduce costs, improve safety, and address labour shortages.” 

Five million miles

Seegrid Palion AMRs have been performing and reporting on tasks safely and productively for more than five million autonomous miles without a single personnel safety incident. Earlier this year, the company released upgrades to the Palion Tow Tractor and the Palion Pallet Truckenabling the robotic fleet to better comprehend and make decisions using Seegrid’s AI-based algorithm with proprietary vision technology.  

“The Interact Analysis report findings are further validation that our mobile automation and software solutions are the proven, trusted choice,” said Jim Rock, Seegrid’s CEO.

“Our customers have come to count on us to help solve their supply chain and workflow issues by deploying some of the world’s best autonomous mobile robots and intelligent automation solutions.” 

With a rapidly expanding AMR portfolio and capabilities, Seegrid recently added a Robots as a Service (RaaS) subscription model. 

The company will continue to advance its mobile automation technologies through Blue Labs, Seegrid’s recently-formed in-house innovation team.