System allows warehouse workers to ‘see’ through doors

by MM&D Online Staff

image004MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin—Working near high-speed doors just got a little safer with the introduction of LED Virtual Vision by Rite-Hite. Unlike light communication systems that use arrows and countdowns to alert workers when a door is about to close, the exclusive Virtual Vision allows workers to “see” through the door with red LED lights that indicate when another worker or object is approaching the door from the other side.

Knowing if something is about to pass through a door opening can prevent a host of potential accidents, including dangerous and costly collisions between forklifts and workers, which is the second most common type of forklift accident.

The light communication system uses a motion sensor on each side of the door. When the sensors detect an object approaching the door area, a strip of red light emitting diodes (LEDs) begin flashing on the opposite side of the door.

This system is an alternative to—or can be the perfect complement to—high-speed doors that use clear plastic vision panels.

LED lights are typically placed just outside of the door’s frame on each side, but they can be set up anywhere that promotes the easiest visual for forklift operators and personnel.