[Video] Racking up a storage solution

by Array

VAUGHAN, Ontario—Flint Packaging isn’t a warehousing or 3PL company—Flint’s business is to turn sheets of corrugated cardboard into custom-sized boxes—but over the years, storage had become a major issue for the family-owned company.

Part of the service it offers customers it to keep supplies of boxes on hand for quick delivery, and while that prevents potential shipping problems for the clients, it caused a problem for Flint itself.  The company had run out of room in its facility to store the inventory, so it resorted to renting additional warehouse space.

Flint executives knew they needed to get a handle on the storage problem. They found their answer in a technological solution: mobile pallet racks from SSI Schaefer.

To read the full Flint story, pick up the March-April copy of MM&D. To see the racks in action, check out the video below.

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