[Video] Toyota Series 8 lift truck introduction

by MM&D staff

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana—The latest group of vehicles from Toyota Material Handling Group USA Inc—the 8 Series lift trucks—represent a significant step forward for the company.

At least that’s the opinion of company executives, including president Jeff Rufener.

“These trucks are higher performing and more efficient than their predecessors, as you would expect from us, and now they also have powerful new Toyota engines. We are very excited about them. They deliver cleaner emissions, excellent fuel economy and very low noise levels,” says Rufener.

“The fact they are Toyota designed and engineered engines, tuned to work specifically in our applications, is really going to be a game changer for us in some of the tougher applications,” adds John Smith, sales and product training specialist.

The high capacity vehicles are suitable for businesses in the paper, lumber, and concrete industries, and for companies with large distribution centres. They come with a choice of powerplants: a four cylinder diesel, or a four cylinder gas (or gas/LPG) engine.

Manufacturing and assembly of the vehicles will begin in October 2013 in Columbus, Indiana.

John Smith, Toyota Material Handling USA

To give MM&D viewers a better look at the new engines, Smith provided a guided tour of both the 1KD diesel and the 1FS gas/LPG.

1KD diesel

1FS gas/LPG

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