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FedEx Express opens package sorting centre in Mississauga

The fastest FedEx Express facility in Canada

November 10, 2020

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario – FedEx Express Canada has opened its newest small-package sorting facility, the fastest FedEx Express facility in Canada, just in time for what many predict to be the busiest holiday shipping season on record.

Located in Etobicoke, the multimillion-dollar facility is the first of its kind for FedEx Express in Canada with the capacity to sort up to 20,000 small e-commerce shipments an hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The facility will handle smaller e-commerce shipments which have surged in recent months, due to unprecedented increases in the rate of online shopping that began earlier this year.

The company expects the sorting centre will allow FedEx Express Canada to create up to 100 new positions and alleviate shipping demands from the company’s existing sorting hubs located across the country.

“Well before we saw unprecedented increases in e-commerce transactions, FedEx Express Canada has been investing in our people and infrastructure in order to ramp up our resources and maximize our capacity to maintain the highest levels of service our customers expect from us,” said Lisa Lisson, president, FedEx Express Canada.

“The increase in our Express workforce in Canada, along with the opening of the small package sort facility, demonstrates our unwavering commitment to the growth and prosperity of Canada’s e-commerce sector.”

Record-breaking hires

The growth in e-commerce has resulted in hiring needs never seen in the company’s 33-year history in Canada.  Since the beginning of the summer, FedEx Express Canada has increased its workforce from 7,500 to over 10,000, representing the single largest hiring increase in one quarter in the company’s history in Canada.

“Canadian businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises, need the movement and delivery of their goods to be dependable and seamless like never before,” said Lisson.

“We are guided by our mission of helping Canadian businesses of all sizes to be well-positioned and prosper by quickly and efficiently transporting goods to their customers, whether locally or abroad.  We are ready.”