Maersk notes surge in app-based transactions

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

FLORHAM PARK, New Jersey – Customers relying on e-commerce have driven usage on Maersk’s shipment app up by almost 90 percent so far this year.

“As the pandemic hit and more people began working from home, customers are seeing the convenience of going online to manage their logistics business using the Maersk mobile app,” said Carsten Frank Olsen, head of e-commerce at Maersk.

“In the first five weeks of 2020, the app averaged 70,000 business transactions weekly. By mid-April, it had grown to 130,000 business transactions weekly, reflecting an 86 percent increase in this online remote usage tool.”

The surge of interest in the app usage reflects the container tracking, vessel schedule, live chat, instant rate quotes, booking of containers, cargo notifications, and rate activities that customers use to run their business while away from the office.

Maersk has also added services to help replace manual processes. Maersk Delivery Order (MDO) enables cargo release; a Demurrage and Detention Calculator calculates storage fees and offers online payment for immediate release of full containers at the port or storage yard; and last free day for a container in storage – which is a feature designed for US-based customers.

The new features were all designed and driven by customer feedback as Maersk seeks to cultivate a constant feedback loop from customers to shape the company’s product development pipeline.

The website is one of the largest B2B websites in the world handling $20 billion in transactions in 2019.