Centennial College recognized as CITT designation granter

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Centennial College in Toronto has been recognized as CITT’s first Centre of Excellence in Logistics Learning for its Supply Chain Management – Logistics program. This recognition means graduates will have completed all of the course requirements to hold CITT’s CCLP (CITT-Certified Logistics Professional) designation.  

“Centennial College is very pleased to be first – and currently the only – Centre of Excellence recognized by CITT in Canada.” said Nadira Singh, Centennial’s acting chair, business and management studies.

“This access to the CCLP designation will give our graduates a competitive advantage as they have demonstrated an academic commitment to understanding and excelling in supply chain management and logistics. What’s more, the connection to CITT provides access to a vast network of working professionals for networking, finding jobs, and career growth. It’s a huge value to our graduates”. 

 “This has been a long time coming,” said Pina Melchionna, CITT president and CEO.

“It’s a culmination and formalization of the close collaboration Centennial has had with CITT over the years – in terms of curriculum, events, and graduates becoming CCLP designation holders. Centennial’s program is a gold standard for competency-based logistics education. We know their graduates are prepared for successful careers in logistics – and to hit the ground running as high-performing talent in businesses across the industry.” 

One such graduate is Leandro Silva, currently logistics manager at Paradigm Electronics.

Silva recounts how the Centennial program helped him adapt to the logistics business environment in Canada after arriving here from Brazil. “Centennial’s program gave me a good understanding of the business environment in Canada. Plus, the opportunity to be a CCLP member was really important for helping me to connect with people and companies,” he said.

He credits the designation for helping him get a promotion. “It also was important to move into my current position, where the CCLP was a requirement. By using the program as a springboard to my CCLP, I was able to get a jump-start on my career goals here in Canada.”