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Canada Logistics Conference 2020

November 10 - 27, 2020, Online

October 9, 2020

CITT has announced the much-anticipated lineup of learning sessions for Canada Logistics Conference 2020. This spring, the decision was made to shift the conference online, while keeping and expanding on the original program.

The program is currently scheduled to include eight days of both learning sessions and networking opportunities over three weeks from November 10-27, with CITT planning on adding more sessions to be announced soon.

Updates and industry forecasts that equip delegates with the data they need to make decisions now and in the next year are always some of the most in-demand topics, including a Multimodal Update, Surface Transportation Update, and an expert Canadian Economic Forecast.

The conference agenda also includes deep-dives from several perspectives on the subject on the mind of every professional today: Covid-19 and its impacts. While the consequences of the pandemic will be covered in the forecast sessions, delegates will hear specifically about E-commerce in the post-Covid era, and learn from case studies in how businesses have creatively used the opportunity for much-needed corporate citizenship in this challenging time. Related to Covid, there will also be a can’t-miss session on how the profession of supply chain logistics has become so prominent in recent years and how that’s impacted the role of leaders in the sector.

“Another issue on the mind of many professionals right now is the uncertainty from the United States around trade agreements.” Melchionna continued. “Delegates can look forward to a Trade Agreement panel discussing strategies and options around adjusting to such a chaotic environment.”

There is a panel discussion on Greening the Supply Chain through Circular Economy. It’s a topic that’s discussed a lot in logistics circles, but many businesses are having trouble putting the discussion into practice. The conversation will discuss practical, actionable ways for businesses to move towards sustainability.

Finally, among the most highly-rated sessions every year at Canada Logistics Conference are the leadership skills topics. They’re relevant to everyone, and help build invaluable skills that don’t often get formal training. This year, we have a workshop session on negotiation and sales – two important skills CITT identified as crucial to industry professionals. And last but not least, we have a fascinating presentation on Diversity & Bias. It’s certainly a hot topic that we’ll be looking at from a perspective that will make all attendees better leaders and teammates.

The program also contains many dedicated networking breaks for groups and individuals, made possible by the new digital events platform CITT is using.

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The full program is:

Tuesday, November 10
Canadian Economic Outlook
Interactive Networking Session

Thursday, November 12
Multimodal Update
Surface Transportation Update

Friday, November 13
Free Trade Agreements – Let’s Diversify

Tuesday, November 17
Smart Transportation and the State-of-the-art Supply Chain
Pivoting for Good – Corporate Citizenship in the Era of COVID

Wednesday, November 18
E-Commerce in the Post-COVID Era

Thursday, November 19
Practical Sustainability Panel
Diversity & Bias in the Workplace

Monday, November 23
Negotiation & Sales Workshop

Tuesday, November 25
Session info coming soon!

Friday, November 27
Awards Ceremony
Interactive Networking Session