Inside Logistics

3PL Value Creation Summit

October 24-26, 2017, Chicago, Illinois

July 19, 2017

In its 5th year, 3PL Value Creation is a distinct strategic summit where C-level 3PL executives, investment community leaders, and technology innovators gather to assess the future outlook of the third-party logistics market and explore strategies for value creation to forge competitive advantage.

Through a combination of insightful market intelligence, thought leadership, executive panels, and case studies, the event takes an unparalleled deep-dive into the operational and financial aspects of the global 3PL industry. This year’s event will analyze the most important industry trends and issues (such as value-added services, recent mergers and acquisitions, eCommerce, and innovative technologies and automation) in an interactive and fully engaged way.

3PL Value Creation offers up a strong platform for executives to network, learn, and exchange business knowledge and experience. It is your chance to position your company to be a provider of cutting-edge solutions which enhance your customers’ supply chain flexibility and agility while boosting bottom lines.

The Executive Briefing, 3PL Finance and Investment, is a great opportunity to get a comprehensive survey of the financial landscape from leaders in the financial community. You’ll get the latest market intelligence and insights on financing 3PL growth and acquisitions to support your company’s financing strategies.