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Cyber Security 2018

March 1-2, 2018, Ottawa, Ontario

September 19, 2017

Registration is open for the Conference Board of Canada’s Cyber Security 2018

It seems as if everywhere you look nowadays there is a new cyber-attack or emerging threat—what is your response?

It sometimes seems as if each new day brings another loss of valuable data by a company or government department. As the headlines above indicate, attacks vary from continent wide ransomware to election hacking in the US, to assaults on specific critical infrastructure or commercial enterprises. According to a recent survey, the average cost of a data breach at Canadian companies was $5.78 million.

Put simply, no one is safe. You have a responsibility to ensure you keep up to date with threats and ensure your systems are as secure as possible and your people are aware of the risks and the shape of likely attacks.

No organization can be 100% secure so you need to focus on cyber resilience

Complete security is a myth—no one can defend themselves against every possible attack and with new threats emerging almost daily, it is hard to imagine how you might effectively prepare for every eventuality. This event explores a three-pronged strategy that will optimize your defenses now and in the future, while ensuring you have a practical strategy that you can implement to bounce back in the event of an attack.

A three part strategy for maximum cyber resilience

We’ve broken this event into three parts that each cover different but essential aspects of any resilient cybersecurity strategy:

  1. Before a breach—How can you best identify and track existing threats and create systems and people that will effectively defend against attack
  2. After a breach—Do you have contingency plans for business continuity, how to respond to ransom demands, a state of the art strategy for stakeholder communications?
  3. Future threats and your response—What risks does the future hold and how are you tracking them? What processes do you have in place to prepare?

Together these three components add up to an effective CYBER RESILIENCE strategy – you can’t make yourself invincible but you can put in place a strategy that will minimize risk, disruption and cost in the event of a successful attack. And there will be a successful attack.

A three-part strategy—a comprehensive conference

As we work on the agenda some of the issues we are focusing on are:

    1. Before a breach
      • internal Structures
      • insider threats
      • hiring and training cyber defense professionals
      • technology
      • preparation for different kinds of attacks and actors
      • profile of current threat actors – fraud, theft, terrorism, blackmail
      • Conducting a cyber threat vulnerability analysis—and acting on it
    1. After the breach
      • crisis management
      • communication
      • business continuity and recovery
  1. Future threats and opportunities
    • future threat landscape
    • new technologies and vulnerabilities
    • preparing your organization to deal with an uncertain future

Meet and learn from established security experts

Find out from experts and peers about how they are defending their organizations from attacks. Learn about the latest strategies and management practices you can use to identify threats and either stop them or minimize their impact.