CITT announces designation name change

by MM&D staff

Toronto, Ontario—CITT has changed its designation name to “CCLP”. Spelled out, this indicates that its bearer is a CITT-Certified Logistics Professional.

“For the last 50 years, professionals who were certified by CITT carried the simple designation “CITT” after their names. While we’ve built tremendous equity in this designation, it didn’t actually describe the professional, his/her area of specialized expertise or explictly reflect the person’s significant level of experience, accomplishment and professionalism,” said CITT President, Catherine Viglas.

“After years of planning and consultation with our members and industry, we’ve decided to make the designation name more intuitive and fully descriptive. CITT-Certified Logistics Professional (CCLP) is self-evident and, importantly, preserves “CITT” as the credibility anchor of the designation,” she explains.

Adding “logistics” to the designation name provides important, new information about the credential for some people in the industry. CITT’s academic curriculum is updated regularly and has evolved over the years to help companies operate profitable, invulnerable and sustainable supply chain logistics systems on a national or global scale.

“CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals have an understanding of the business of logistics that goes far beyond CITT’s original start in transportation and distribution skill-building,” explains Paul Kurrat, CITT’s lead facilitator.

CITT focuses on developing and deepening people’s management abilities and equipping them with a sound understanding of integrated logistics and its component parts. Course work needed for the CCLP designation is case-based and helps people design and operate responsive, integrated systems within cross-functional supply chain and logistics environments to deliver maximum value to all stakeholders while minimizing exposure to service interruptions.

The last technical course people take in the program challenges their ability to understand, align and integrate all internal and external supply chain logistics functions into one cohesive system. These functions can include production planning, procurement, materials management and handling, quality control, inventory control and order processing, warehousing, data exchange, finance, transportation and customer service.

“CITT embraces all of this under the umbrella of logistics,” Kurrat explains. “That’s the key reason we seldom seldom call ourselves by our full legal name and, instead, just go by CITT. Because our professionals’ knowledge and abilities go beyond transportation, the new CCLP designation name will now recognize that fact.”

Nearly all of CITT’s certified members love CCLP as their new designation name. And record breaking numbers participated in the renaming process.

“Renaming our designation has been a key strategic initiative for many years,” said Viglas. “Several successive Boards championed this improvement—which is a sign of tremendous solidarity and organizational stability.”

“The vast majority of CITT’s certified members are proud, confident and thrilled about our move to the CCLP designation name,” said CITT’s outgoing Board Chair, Warren Sarafinchan, who oversaw most of the development process, and describes the move to CCLP as “absolutely fantastic”.

Incoming Board Chair, Robert Ramsay offers that “the CCLP name distinguishes CITT’s professionals much better and sets up our sector’s most valued logistics credential much more clearly for the next generation of professionals.”

And Past Chair, Andrew Dixon, who led the Board team that first formalized CITT’s priority to move to a new designation name, said he’s “100 percent pleased with the new CCLP name.”

Ramsay acknowledges that a very small group of CITT members wanted to be sure that CITT didn’t lose its CITT identity. He answers this by pointing out that “there’s no risk of that happening because CITT is the preeminent part of the new CITT-Certified Logistics Professional designation name.”