Win Supply Chain Canada conference passes

by Array

MM&D has five passes to give away to the annual Supply Chain Canada conference.

In order to win one, we want to hear your best “firefighting” story.

Tell us about a problem, a situation or an incident that popped up and threatened throw a wrench into your best-laid supply chain plans. And then tell us what you did to resolve it.

We want to hear about that rabbit you pulled out of your hat, that stroke of genius that allowed you to see a solution when nobody else could, or that seemingly miraculous fix that you MacGyvered out of spare parts.

Let us know how you got products flowing again, how you got temperamental equipment up and running, and how you were able to turn frustrated and exasperated clients into happy, devoted customers, all while keeping your boss delighted with your work.

We’ll award the free passes (a minimum $895 value) to the best written and most compelling submissions.

We’ll also publish those articles in our magazine throughout the coming year.

Supply Chain Canada runs May 8-9 in Mississauga, Ontario.

Entries are due by April 20.

Send your submissions to