Cycling supplier gets smart conveyor

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

ZyroFisher is a distributor of parts, accessories and clothing to the UK and Irish cycling markets and represents over 50 brands as well as supplying its own Altura products to retailers.

With 800-plus cartons being shipped daily, the company needed to streamline operations and increase warehouse productivity by improving the efficiency of the order fulfilment process. With high levels of manual handling dominating pick, pack and dispatch operations at the 100,000-square-foot facility, they needed a solution to make the movement of goods from the packing area to dispatch more efficient.

ZyroFisher invited Advance Automated Systems Ltd., a UK-based conveyor manufacturer to review existing handling methods. Their proposed improvements included a handling system incorporating energy-efficient 24V DC technology and components from Interroll.

Smart solutions for totes, boxes and cartons

Advance’s engineers proposed a bespoke, zoned, SmartLine roller conveyor to transfer various sized cartons directly to the dispatch trailer.

Built by Advance Automated Systems Ltd., SmartLine is a zero-line-pressure conveyor system incorporating 24V DC technology and includes a quiet running RollerDrive EC310 and the MultiControl from Interroll, which together simplify and reduce the system commissioning time on site.

Easy configuration

The configuration of sensor or RollerDrive properties is done over PLC software, a web user interface or with the Interroll teach-in procedure. The Interroll MultiControl can be used in temperature ranges of between -30°C and +40°C. Plug & play technology allows for quick and easy replacement, if necessary. In case of replacement, no new addressing or configuring is required.


Advance’s automation solution is flexible, modular and efficient to run. With each individual conveyor module independently driven, they only operate when there are containers present; once these have moved off, the conveyor modules no longer run, but continue to be ready to transport product. If required, cartons can accumulate over the full length of the conveyor.

So as not to restrict access through the warehouse, the conveyor system was equipped with lift access gates, both single width (for pedestrian/fire escape access) and double width (for pallet access). All gates include gas springs, making them easy and safe to lift. An extensible gravity roller for loading into the back of a trailer completed the configuration.

“Being both modular and flexible in design, the Advance SmartLine zero-line -pressure conveyor was installed because it offered the most energy efficient and economical method of delivering cartons directly to the dispatch trailer, thereby streamlining ZyroFisher’s workflow,” said Shaun Graham, Advance Automated Systems’s marketing manager.