Equipment Highlight: A new use for Bluetooth—asset tracking

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by Emily Atkins
Owen Moore
Owen Moore

A low-energy Bluetooth beacon might make its way into your warehouse soon.

BeWhere’s Owen Moore explained how you can put it on your asset or sensitive shipments, and it communicates to cell phones and tablets from about 250 metres. It tells you the current temperature, the lowest temperature, the highest temperature, how many impacts it’s had and at how much G-force. It also tells you light exposure.

You download an application on your Android and then you associate the beacon to your phone. From one up to many thousands of beacons can communicate to your phone and then send that data to a server. It’s battery-powered, and that lasts just over two years.

It can be applied throughout your supply chain. You can tell your customers exactly where a shipment is in the supply chain, you can tell them if perishable or sensitive goods have had any damage through impact or exposure to light or temperature.

“This can replace RFID and telematics at a fraction of the cost of both,” Moore said. “So this is a tag you can buy for about 25 bucks, put it on a pallet, a more expensive pallet—maybe not a cheaper pallet—and monitor all that information throughout the supply chain.”