ERP eliminates spreadsheets

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

After nearly nine months of preparation, Load King, a store fixture manufacturer, has successfully finished their manufacturing factory of the future by implementing Global Shop Solutions ERP software at the beginning of 2018.

Load King’s clientele includes high-profile brands such as Starbucks, AMC Theaters, Einstein Bagels, TCBY, and more. They offer a variety of products and services to retailers such as metal and wood displays, graphics, construction, installation, and project management capabilities. They’ve completed more than 8,500 projects throughout the U.S.

Led by project manager Global Shop Solutions’ Daniel Carranco and consultant Silas Fulsom, Load King made a switch enabling them to interface with nearly 20 different software packages and eliminating almost 50 maintained spreadsheets.

Before implementing Global Shop Solutions, Load King struggled with their job costing capabilities on a routine basis.

“Before implementation, Load King would only be able to cost out projects three months after the fact,” said Carranco.

“Now they go down to the component level and can launch lean initiatives all over the shop floor to improve processes in a matter of hours. This was made possible because of the integration with SolidWorks and using Global Shop Solutions BOM Compare software, resulting in massive savings and a reducing a full-time position for bill of material creation.”

Another issue for Load King was their “accountability through the entire parts process when assembling a kiosk,” says the company’s director of manufacturing and supply, Ken Carella.

Before implementation, the company would repeatedly have one part or multiple parts not making it to the final assembly, and then chaos would ensue. This was where they used nearly 50 manual spreadsheets, eating away precious time on the shop floor. With Global Shop Solutions’ shop floor display software and document control software they’ve been able to reduce the time spent on assembling kiosks from a few days to one hour.