Palletizing fun food

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by Emily Atkins

Jel Sert is known as the “makers of fun foods” like freezer bars, desserts and beverages. But there was nothing fun about the recycled half pallets it used to ship 100,000 cases of product annually to some of the biggest retailers in the world.
They were of inconsistent quality and didn’t offer enough top deck coverage.

As a result, product damage was occurring while in transit to retail locations, and during the unloading process. Retailers began to complain about both the quality issues and the unsightly appearance of the inconsistent recycled half pallets. They simply didn’t look appealing as endcap displays.

Michael Martinez, vice-president of customer service and distribution for Jel Sert, turned to CHEP for a better half-pallet solution – one that would “complete the professional appearance of our products and show as a display-ready pallet for our retailers”.

The CHEP team traveled to Jel Sert to discuss the situation, demonstrate the CHEP 40×24-inch half pallet solution, and give the Jel Sert team a “hands on” opportunity to test the pallets.

As part of the process, Jel Sert had an opportunity for a trial run with CHEP’s half pallet. The samples used during the trial proved to Jel Sert that consistency matters: The reliable quality of the CHEP half pallets delivered marked operational efficiencies compared to the inconsistent recycled half pallets Jel Sert had been using.

Jel Sert has received substantial benefits from integrating CHEP shared 40×24-inch half pallets into their supply chain. It was able to eliminate product damage with these shipments during the past two years. In turn, this improved service, achieving 100 percent customer complaint-free status.

As well, the company saw strengthened sustainability, avoiding nearly 100,000 pounds of CO2 and nearly 130,000 pounds of solid waste from conversion to both 40×24-inch half pallets and 48×40-inch pallets.

“CHEP continues to be a strategic partner in providing multi-faceted solutions in the most cost-efficient manner to meet our supply chain challenges,” said Martinez.

“CHEP’s half pallet completes the professional appearance of our products, and shows as a display-ready pallet for our retailers.”