ITF Report: Streamlining global transport

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by Emily Atkins

At the beginning of June the International Transport Forum (ITF), a Paris-based intergovernmental organization affiliated with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), hosted its annual summit in Leipzig Germany. MM&D was selected as one of a handful of international media outlets invited to take part, giving us access to the full event.

The 2017 summit on “Governance of Transport” set new records. With more than 1,300 registered participants, attendance was up 30 percent from previous years. Eighty countries were represented, up from the previous record of 71.

Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates joined the organization, bringing the number of ITF member countries to 59 and reinforcing the global nature of the organization. Dr. Young Tae Kim from Korea was elected to succeed José Viegas as the first ITF Secretary-General from a non-European member country.

In their Joint Declaration, ministers highlighted the changes required to transport systems in the light of the 2015 Paris Agreement, called for responsive regulation to foster innovation and expressed the will to create frameworks for open mobility data.

In a message to the Summit, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutierrez thanked the ITF for working on policies that improve people’s lives and declared that “the United Nations stands ready to partner with you [the ITF] in promoting sustainable transport and mobility for all”.

The following reports highlight just some of the many sessions and meetings that took place over the three-day summit.

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