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Challenger rebrands Lodwick Transport, Cam Hiltz Trucking

February 18, 2013

CAMBRIDGE, Ont. — The Challenger Group has announced it is rebranding Lodwick Transport and Cam Hiltz Trucking.

Beginning March 1, Lodwick will be known as Challenger Climate and Cam Hiltz Trucking will be named Challenger Bulk.

The company said the rebranding will “reinforce a more cohesive public image as the Challenger Group of Companies.”

Last year, Challenger refreshed its corporate logos, transitioning to a sleeker, more modern design.

The rebranding provides “a fresh new name and renewed focus to be more in line with the other members of the Challenger family, and to be a one-stop shop for the shipping public,” said Geoff Topping, general manager of Challenger Climate and Challenger Bulk. “Challenger Climate will continue to operate climate-controlled trailers, offering customers the ability to transport their goods fresh, frozen, or heated, and Challenger Bulk will specialize in moving bulk commodities, primarily in the waste management and recycling industries at this time.”

Challenger is also bringing staff from the two divisions into its Cambridge headquarters. The group will maintain an office and yard space in Mississauga, at 1906 Shawson Drive.