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Announcing the New PAC and Website

With the new website launch, PAC - The Packaging Association becomes global.

January 25, 2010
by Canadian Packaging Staff

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the Packaging Association of Canada has rebranded itself as PAC – The Packaging Association to become a global force. 

Founded in 1950, the PAC’s commitment to Canadian members has not changed. Much like society at large the association’s membership mix has evolved and their markets have gone global. To assist its members accordingly, the rebranded PAC has adapted.

To facilitate its transition into this progressive era, it has rebranded itself with a modern logo, new name, and PAC APPS symbolizing its enhanced value proposition. The PAC membership wheel depicts all members of the supply chain that ”touch” packaging.

PAC historically has led the collaboration of this broad community toward a common set of goals especially in the area of packaging for sustainability and food safety making it an extraordinarily unique association in the global packaging community.

Please visit the new PAC at

For more information contact:
James D. Downham
President & CEO
PAC – The Packaging Association
416- 490-7860, ext. 211 or e-mail him at