Another eManifest delay

by MM&D staff

OTTAWA, Ontario —There has been yet another postponement related to the Advance Commercial Information (ACI) program’s eManifest component.

The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) has sent out a notice to its members advising them that, once again, changes have been made to program deadlines. According to the association, a key deadline of April 28, 2013 has been pushed back indefinitely.

Under the pilot phase, freight forwarders have been allowed to electronically submit house waybill data on consolidated freight arriving by all modes of transportation. Marine and air carriers were also permitted to transmit a Conveyance Arrival Certification Message (CACM) and related notifications to the Canada Border Services Agency.

The pilot phase for this project was expected to be over at the end of the month when the formal adoption of the electronic procedures was to begin.

CIFFA has informed its members, however, that “to resolve issues identified with the Manifest Forward feature during internal testing and to ensure the best possible functionality for all stakeholders, the CBSA is postponing the April 28, 2013 system deployment.”

It added that those air and marine companies currently testing the new system can continue to submit data through the pilot project. Businesses that haven’t yet registered for the pilot can will be able to join before the final system deployment.